Water Level Dry-Docking Solutions & Anti-Fouling Alternatives for all Vessels

Never Anti-foul Again. Ever.

Boats Over 6 Metres

The SeaPen is the market leader in water level dry-docking.

SeaPen is the only way of dry-docking your boat at water level, without raising the boat above surface of the water with a boat lift.

Because your boat is a prized possession, mooring your boat in a SeaPen will keep it in pristine condition, with a hull that’s free of marine growth. Every time you take your boat out for a spin, it will feel like a brand new boat.

Boats Up To 6 Metres

FloatBricks Modular docks systems are the ideal solution for smaller boats.

Our range of floating Dry-Docks suits boats up to 1300kg / 6m making these dry-docks well suited to Tinnie’s and small runabouts.

Never a redundant system – It’s worth remembering that whatever model you choose it can be easily added to or customised because FloatBricks are a Modular system.

Jet Ski & PWC Docks

These stylish FloatBricks docks allow you to drive on and off in seconds, making it super easy to get out and have fun on your jet ski or PWC.

Safety first, our no gap system will keep you and your family safe. Systems with gaps leave gaping holes for you or your children to fall into with potentially serious consequences.

Industrial Projects

FloatBricks are the perfect partner to any floating project. Build walkways across inter-tidal areas, work platforms and barges. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you want a floating structure alongside a fixed jetty or need to get machinery across a body of water, FloatBricks can be configured to make sure your project works seamlessly.